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Influencer Marketing Programs

The Influencer Marketing Programs offered efficiently deliver highly targeted and customized branding messages to your customers via a carefully chosen team of Influencers.  Influencer programs realize an average 6-8X ROI, one of the highest in the advertising or marketing industry.


Influencer Marketing Programs

Why Our Influencer Marketing Programs?

Influencer Marketing is gaining momentum due to the rising expense and plummeting effectiveness of paid online ads due to factors like saturation and ad fatigue. What is Influencer Marketing?

On average, campaigns focused on branding or engagements saw an


Sources: Survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub with 800+ brand managers. Trends/Crunch base.

12+ Million Influencers

Promo Socials partnership with HYPR allows us to access over 12 million influencers across virtually any industry, keyword or vertical.  Search results are completely unbiased: Our algorithms focus on finding your best options, and we handle all discovery, communication, influencer payments and billing, branding messages and much more.

A Dedicated Team

The team here includes HYPR certified account managers, a planning and creative team, a deployment, tracking and results analysis team and more.  Our team will ensure your campaign’s success through careful planning, analysis, deployment and tracking of your campaign. All campaign reporting by our team is in real-time.

Advanced Tracking

Detailed results tracking and analytics is a crucial step in determining the effectiveness of your campaign and understanding performance across all of your key performance indicators (KPIs).  Through automated tracking and detailed reports, we handle this task easily and are able to help optimize your campaign through the duration of the program.


Influencer Discovery

  • Algorithms rank influencers based on how they will contribute to your campaign.

  • Audience overlap tool helps you understand the true reach of your campaign and strategically optimize your group of influencers for maximum reach or higher visibility with a smaller audience.

  • Audience health scores help identify low performing audiences who are inactive or fraudulent.

  • Evaluate campaigns based on a range of metrics, such as who engaged with the campaigns and at what cost per engagement with the target audience.

  • Easily compare influencer performance.

  • Feature the most comprehensive Instagram anti-fraud suite on the market.

Influencer Discovery Programs by Promo Social

Influencer Deployment

  • Organize and handle every aspect of influencer deployment and campaign management.  Our system allows us to communicate with and then opt-in the Influencers that we choose along with you to represent your brand.

  • Communicate directly with influencers and their managers.

  • Comprehensively train the chosen Influencers to deliver your branding story/message to their audience.

  • Retain all communications on behalf of your organization in an Influencer’s contact record, and store all documents such as contracts and W2s.

  • Authenticate each Influencer post for adherence to guidelines and approved branding messages.

Influencer Marketing Programs

Creative Process

  • A creative team that has over 30 years of combined experience in the branding space.

  • Work closely with your marketing team to identify the strongest branding positions and product messages.

  • Tap the Influencers themselves and have them provide input on what they feel will resonate with their audience.

  • Continually track the effectiveness of our branding messages, solicit feedback and adjust our campaigns accordingly for maximum impact.

  • Continue to use feedback, generate new ideas and put our creative energy towards improving ongoing campaigns.

creative ideas

Analytics and Reporting

  • Analyze ROI with meaningful metrics for all live posts and Instagram stories including engagement data, views and reach with your target audience, cost per engagement.

  • Store Instagram stories while and after they’ve gone live, and establish a historic benchmark for performance.

  • Multi-platform analytics on one report.

  • Performance metrics broken down by individual Influencer.

  • Custom reporting based on KPIs and more.

Influencer Discovery Programs analytics and reporting by Promo Social


HYPR is an award-winning platform that has been used by top Fortune 500 companies with great success.  Now with our HYPR exclusive partnership and our official recognition as a HYPR certified company, we are able to bring the power of this platform to you. Want to Learn More About HYPR?

Influencer Marketing Programs
Influencer Programs Measurement

Search and Discovery

  • World’s most comprehensive database

  • Global reach

  • Multi-site platform

  • Updated daily

  • 20+ filters

  • 30,000+ topic categories

Influencer Programs Measurement

Influencer Evaluation

  • Influencer report page

  • Unique audience overlap tool

  • Audience health score

  • Brand safety check

  • Twin discovery

  • Brand affinity

  • Like-for-like circle discovery

Influencer Programs Measurement

Activation Dashboard

  • Campaign workflow progress board

  • Contract execution

  • Contract management

  • Payment support for over 100 countries

  • Compliance system

Influencer Programs Measurement

Analytics and Reporting

  • Live demographic engagement data

  • Story measurement

  • Views and reach metrics

  • Auto-reminders and auto-updates

  • Multi-platform analytics

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