On-Premise Promotions

Promo Social is a full-service brand activation agency, with offices in NY/NJ, Scottsdale and Los Angeles. We specialize in the management and execution of local and national on-premise promotions for the beer, wine and spirits industry. From account management, premium/kit storage and distribution, scheduling, recruiting, hiring and training of all promo talent and event staff, bar spends, data capture, photo activations and turn-key digital recapping and reporting, we’ve got you covered!

Our 21+ years of experience in on-premise promotions will help you drive consumption and sales for your brands, getting your liquid to lips with new and loyal customers at bars, restaurants, nightlife, sporting and entertainment venues nationwide.

Promo Social carries a $5 Million National Liability insurance policy and all of our talent are W-2 temp hires, NOT 1099 contractors so you are covered and always protected from liability and risk. We have a national network of 60,000+ of the most professional and attractive market managers, brand ambassadors and demo specialists with extensive experience representing the top brands effectively at on-premise promotions with our “best in class” service and the highest level of expectation – we set the standards high– no exceptions.

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